Benford Standley has been in the business of entertainment for 40 plus years, working with the likes

of Clint Eastwood, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Emmylou Harris, Hoyt Axton,

Waylon Jennings, Taylor Swift, Aaron Neville, Les Paul and many others.  He has produced Wild West

Shows, Rodeos, Symposiums, the World Chile Cook-off, several 3 day music festivals, a arts and craft

festival on the strip in Vegas with a concert in a Vegas casino, and hundreds of concerts and bar gigs in

five states and three foreign countries.  He produced a very important symposium on runaway kids, a

subject he has written two books on, and presently doing a shocking ebook about.


In 1995, he produced one of the very first live video/audio Internet cybercast.  The webcast was from the
famous Troubadour in Hollywood. In 1997, while living back in Austin, Tx, he produced a live Internet

cybercast of  Willie Nelson, produced in concert with Sony/Columbia Online and he produced the show

on a Bob Dylan website. The show was a Yahoo "Pick of  the Week," and a pick by CitySearch.com,

and was so successful that the Sony server system crashed in San Francisco. In 1998, he returned to

LA to launch his new project the StudioClub.com.   A  Virtual Entertainment InterNetwork, then every

Tuesday night for one year he webcast the Ronnie Mack Barn Dance from a honky tonk at the corner

of Hollywood and Vine.  In 1999 and 2000, he teamed up with Yahoo.com as a broadcast partner and

streamed the First American In the Arts Awards. 


He is presently producing a documentary on Jimmie Rodgers, the father of country music, runs nine

websites, writing a book on his 44 years in the entertainment business, creating an online music

museum at www.KickingUpDust.com



Pete Kennedy is Executive Producer/Swag Master and has worked with the likes of the Grateful Dead,

The Band, Ziggie Marley, Jimmy Cliff, George Clinton and many others.   He coordinated the arts and

crafts for Woodstock 25th and 30 year anniversary.  He has toured in 25 countries including South

America, Japan, and all of the United States.  He is a master chef and can feed a tour on the bus, or

at a roadside park, and as a tour manager can keep the bus and tour moving along on schedule.



Christopher Felver is a photographer, author, and filmmaker.  His work has been exhibited inter-

nationally, and his works are collected by numerous libraries and museums, including Stanford Univ.

Special Collections.  He participated in the 53rd Venice International Film Festival, and screened

films in festivals and museums around the globe, including presentations at the Library of Congress,

he received the Best Art Documentary Awards at the Cinema Arts Centre Independent Film Festival, 

and he was a Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome.  He has worked with some of the

greats in the biz and has teamed up with Bruce Ricker, partner and associate of Clint Eastwood's

on several of his film projects.  Chris is presently co producing a documentary on Jimmie Rodgers

with Benford Standley.


Dan Jones was recently Chairman of the Ponca Nation, Oklahoma.  He was a Field Producer on

the Emmy nominated documentary 500 Nations, working with Kevin Costner. He worked for Disney

Imagineering on the Disney America Project, and performed with Sammy Davis Jr. and Wayne

Newton at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  Jones' television productions

include producing The World of American Indian Dance, which premiered on NBC in 2003.  In

2001 Jones was the co-host and co-producer of the First Americans in the Arts awards ceremony

webcast, with broadcast partner Yahoo.com.  In 1993 he received the Muse Award from the

Association of American Museums for a work produced by the new Smithsonian National Museum

of the American Indian. Jones is a traditional straight dancer.


Len Dell'Amico  directed and/or produced many concert films and music videos with such artists

as Sarah Vaughan, Herbie Hancock, the Allman Brothers Band, Linda Ronstadt, Blues Traveler,

Carlos Santana, Ray Charles, Reuben Blades, Bonnie Raitt, and of course, Grateful Dead. Len

first worked with Grateful Dead in 1980 on "Dead Ahead," the band's live TV broadcast and

platinum home video. He was the band's "film and video guy" for the next 11 years. Dell'Amico

and Jerry Garcia co-directed "So Far," the top-selling music video of 1988, which won the

American Film Institute's award for best long-form music program.  Len has just recently

released his first feature movie "Everything Must Go."


Frank Mull  has been in the "biz" for four plus decades.  From Radio, which he began in 1960 at
WFLO in Farmville, VA, he went into the record industry in 1968.  Three years at Capitol was a

beginning of over twenty years as a executive in that field, including national promotions with

Mercury and Avco Records.   Mull has been as Exec. Director of Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. 

working with state and national government officials, including mayors, governors and U.S.

Senators, and have him dealing with such legendary entertainment names Red Barber, Dick

Clark, Arthur Godfrey and Paul Harvey, among others. He has been director of operations of the

700-member Reunion of Professional Entertainers (ROPE). Frank Mull has worked with Merle

Haggard for many years as tour manager, merchandise manager and many other hats for Hag.


Chuck Banner and Ben Caswell began their association 15 years ago working at Bob Banner

Associates.  BBA is the production company behind such seminal TV series as Candid Camera,

The Carol Burnett Show, Solid Gold, Star Search, and Showtime at the Apollo, and others.  Ben

and Chuck worked together on BBA's Real Kids, Real Adventures for Discovery Kids.  Ben wrote
a 3rd of the episodes, including the pilot.  Chuck was post production supervisor, including graphic

and music design as well as editorial and quality control.  In its third and final season, the series

was nominated for a 2001 Emmy for Best Series for Children.  They formed Banner Caswell

Productions in the summer of 2005 as an offshoot of Bob Banner Associates.  In 06, BCP sold its

inaugural television series: "What Happens Next, a 26-episode medical series.  Shortly thereafter,

BCP sold another HD series to Veria: a 26-episode cooking show called Chasing The Yum, which

stars Chef Jet Tila.  BCP began a new initiative in the area of out-of-home networks (often called
"Digital Signage") in the summer of 2007.  These private networks cater to very specific audiences,

and advertisers are starting to recognize the advantages of an ultra-niche media buy.  Providing

culturally relevant programming is BCP's core competency --- whether it's to the Discovery
Channel, Animal Planet or to consumers in a doctor's office or an airport bookstore.


Richard Bastian aka Sebastian news photographer for thirty-five years, worked for 3 newspapers,

2 of which he was chief news photographer/picture editor. Won a 2nd place award for best spot

news photo during a state wide CNPPA competition, awarded Fire Services News Media Award

from the Santa Barbara Ct. Fire Depart, commissioned to photograph an album cover for Wayne

Newton, stringer for UPI, news cameraman/editor for both CBS & NBC affiliates, and cameraman

for the tv series “Bounty Hunters” and worked as a still photographer on movie, “Who’s Killing

The Stunt Men” with Robert Forster and Richard Lynch, bureau chief for Newsreel Video sup-

plying LA TV stations and CNN with breaking news, and served as photographer for the Daily

News in LA, and lead photographer for three years of the Paso Digital Film Festival.